Royalty Noise



Royalty Noise is a Melbourne-based band founded by Ethiopian-Australian MC, Binyam Alemu (Biz).

The music of Royalty Noise is about much more than a hip-hop band re-enacting live loops.
The essence of the band is a soundscape that traverses Dub-Reggae and Jazz-R&B, using dexterous lyrical delivery and strong musicianship to create a progressive sound.

Hypnotising the audience with an impressively synchronised rhythm section, what sets Royalty apart is the energy of their live show.
The MCs’ comic interplay draws in the audience, creating an experience where the crowd truly feels like an extension of the band.
It’s something that you need to experience for yourself to really grasp the Royalty Noise phenomena.

The soul of the band emanates from the diversity of its members, drawing on different cultural backgrounds of Ethiopia, Samoa and Morocco, and each contributing different musical influences.


Band Members

Bizz  – MC / Vocals / Producer

Originally migrating from Ethiopia, Biz is a smart lyricist – modern, intelligent and abstract.
He combines sharp rhymes with an organic flow that mirrors the strong Ethiopian tradition of story-telling.

Hyina Mufasa – Vocals

Having grown up in a culture that is synonymous with music, Hyina’s Samoan roots shine through in his delivery. Hyina’s soulful dub falsetto and double-time rhymes bring a narrative dimension to Royalty Noise.

Yoseph Bekele – Bass

The renowned multi-instrumentalist, Yoseph arrived in Melbourne in 2012 from the motherland, Ethiopia. Having toured internationally with Aster Aweke, Samuel Yirga, Mahmoud Ahmed, Yoseph had been a premier performer in the Ethiopian music scene.
Yoseph’s highly evolved style, seamlessly delivers basslines that are funky and sensual.

Dan Richardson – Drums

Growing up in a musical family, Dan’s place behind a kit started at the age of 8.
With his intuition for jazz-funk rhythm, Dan drives the momentum of the Royalty Noise rhythm section with consistent and impressive stamina.

Nadav Rayman – Keys

Nadav spent his early years consumed in studio production and live performance for the chillouts of the burgeoning Melbourne trance scene.
Nadav brings an intergalactic and neo-soul sensibility to the keys.